Glenayre Neigbourhood for Refugees

We are interested in finding ways for Glenayre neighbours to come together to help others. This giving group is around helping address the refugee crisis.

Organizer: Gord Tulloch

Type Of Group: Other Community Benefits


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The Group's Purpose

The purpose of this group is to provide a way for Glenayre residents to come together to support refugees who are fleeing crises in their own countries and starting anew in Canada. This group will probably focus on the Syrian Refugee Crisis to begin, but we acknowledge that there is urgency around refugees fleeing from other countries, too, and we may want to broaden our focus.

Individually, it can be hard to know how to make a difference. Collectively, it’s much easier. Plus, as we come together to try to make the world better for others, we are also building a community characterized by a spirit of care and compassion. And that’s really cool.

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

It takes about $30k to sponsor a family of five for one year (the extent of our commitment). If there are fewer family members and/or if we are able to also supply furniture, clothes, etc., those costs go down. Our goal is to raise $30k, though the more money we raise, the more refugees we are able to support.

There are many ways for Glenayre residents can help.

For the purposes of this page, you can join our giving group or make a personal donation to it. These donations are instantly receipted (for tax purposes) and the funds will be pooled with those of other residents in order to support Humanity4Syrians (via Eagle Ridge United Church) to sponsor a family/families.

You can also create your own “giving group” at work, with friends or families, sports or recreational teams, your children’s schools/classrooms, etc., in order to fundraise dollars that can be pooled here or sent directly to a charity.

Humanity4Syrians sponsors refugees who have kin already in Canada. This makes the resettlement easier as well as helps to relieve the stress and anxiety of fellow Canadians who are worried about their families.

If you are interested in becoming a host for a refugee/refugee family, let us know and we will try to link the donation from this group with a local family/household.

If none of these options are realistic for you, please consider helping in other ways, such as:

- Providing free or discounted services (haircuts, etc.)
- Helping to write letters/fill forms
- Welcoming new refugees to our neighbourhood, should that happen, and taking them out for coffee or having them over for dinner (social connections)
- Supplying gift cards (e.g. groceries)
- Blogging/writing about our neighbourhood’s experience and making more visible what we are up to.

About the Organizers

The organizers are Stefanie Goertzen, Jennifer Sing and Gord Tulloch--three Glenayre residents seeing if we can find a way to work together for a common purpose/good. This page is not affiliated with the Glenayre Community Association.