Grade 3 - Miss Chin

Welcome to our Walkathon online donation page! We are excited to participate in our Walkathon. Our goal is to raise funds for our school’s varied activities and initiatives. We would love to grant Miss Chin's wish list for her Grade 3 class!

Organizer: Aileen Madamba

Type Of Group: Education and Research




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The Group's Purpose

Money raised from this annual event will help fund various items for our classrooms that support students' learning, new playground equipment and transportation for our field trips.

To our family and friends, we are grateful for your continued support. We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.

How to Help

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2. Enter the Gift Amount

3. In the optional message box labeled "For Group", please remember to enter the first name and last name’s initial of the student you are pledging toward.

By doing so, students will know when someone has contributed for them. (Example: Aidan M, Good Luck!)