Grandview-Woodland Refugee Initiative (GWRI)

The Grandview-Woodland Refugee Initiative has been formed to respond to the current refugee crisis, at a community level, by sponsoring and supporting a Syrian family in their resettlement in East Vancouver.

Organizer: Grandview-Woodland Neighbours

Type Of Group: Other Community Benefits

Location: Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

The Grandview-Woodland Refugee Initiative (GWRI) has been formed as a community response to the current refugee crisis by sponsoring and supporting a Syrian family in their resettlement in East Vancouver.

We are working to fundraise $40,000 which will be used to support the family of 3 for the period of one year. As we all know, Vancouver is a very expensive city to live in and the $35,000 is the minimum we hope to raise.

Check out our website at www.grandview-woodland-refugee-initiative.com for more info.

How to Help

Rest Assured, Your Money is Going Where it Matters

GWRI has chosen to use ‘Chimp’ to collect our donations. While Chimp is referred to as an online giving tool, it's officially known in the charity and legal world as a donor advised fund (DAF). Chimp is a giving platform created to manage charitable donations on behalf of an organization, family, or individual. Chimp issues a tax receipt at the time of donation. Donations given to GWRI on this site can only be transferred to a registered charity. GWRI is working with Grandview Cavalry Baptist Church (GCBC) as our Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) to assist with the administration of sponsoring refugees. The GCBC is a registered charity, therefore Chimp will release all the funds collected to them, who will in turn release them to GWRI to use for the expenses associated with welcoming refugees into our community
GWRI and GCBC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the expectations of each party and includes regulations about GWRI’s use of these funds for the exclusive purposes of supporting our newcomers. With these systems in place, you can be certain that your money is working hard to welcome and support the Syrian family to Grandview-Woodland.

About the Organizers

The GWRI is a group of neighbors (and friends of neighbors) who have gathered together to address the current refugee crisis by sponsoring and supporting a family through the process of resettling in Vancouver. The GWRI group is comprised of many committed people with diverse experience and expertise, who are working together to bring this family to Canada.

GWRI also has the support of MOSAIC BC, which is a multilingual non-profit organization dedicated to addressing issues that affect immigrants and refugees in the course of their settlement and integration into Canadian society. GWRI will be relying on MOSAIC to help us access the many other resources that are available to assist with refugee sponsorship and to provide overall guidance and support when needed.