Haley G's Rooftop Jumping for Clara

I’ve joined six-time Olympian Clara Hughes to raise money and awareness for mental health organizations from coast to coast! Starting March 14, Clara is riding across Canada to break the stigma around mental health. I feel it's important as a young adult to promote this cause because I've been there

Organizer: Haley George

Type Of Group: Health

Location: Climax, SK


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The Group's Purpose

Jumping the Roofs of homes, one house at a time:

The purpose of my Giving Group — and Clara’s Big Ride — is to help end the stigma around mental health, raise money for local mental health organizations, and encourage long-term positive change in communities.

I’ve joined Clara Hughes, the national spokesperson for the Bell Let's Talk mental health initiative. She is undertaking Clara’s Big Ride, a 110-day bicycle journey covering 12,000 km through every province and territory. Clara will stop in 95 communities along the way to share her personal struggle with depression.

Mental illness is a widespread and serious issue millions of Canadians are affected by:

At this very moment, some 3 million Canadians are suffering from depression.
1 in 5 Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their life.
Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year-olds and 16% among 25-44 year-olds.

It is known that everyone will develop some kind of mental illness at some point in their life. I'm 19 years old and I'm ready to give back to my community what kind of support I, my family, and my friends have received. Mental Health needs to be brought up more in conversations, be accepting, and understood more than anything in today's age.

Please help me fight against this stigma with Clara. Chances are, you are helping someone you already know. It's all about jumping roof top to roof top, one house at a time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

There are several ways you can help me end the stigma around mental illness:

- Donate $10, $20, $50 or more to this Giving Group

- Share the link to this Giving Group on social media using #ClarasBigRide.

- Have a conversation with someone you know that has a mental illness

- Keep being awesome :)

About the Organizers

My name is Haley George. My hometown is Climax, Saskatchewan and I am 19 years old. I am currently attending University in Regina, SK but willing to take time out of my busy schedule to fight for this worthy cause.