James Bay Refugee Initiative

We are a community-based volunteer organization. In 2017 we sponsored Leyla, a Syrian refugee, and our next goal is to sponsor Leyla's husband, Ahmad so they might create a future for themselves in Victoria and raise a family here.

Organizer: David Ehret

Type Of Group: International Aid and Development

Location: Victoria, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Leyla, our first sponsored refugee, spoke about loving her new life in Victoria, about her gratitude for the ways in which she has been cared for and supported, and the loneliness she experiences living in Victoria when her husband and family are so far away. With that in mind we have begun the work necessary to sponsor Leyla’s husband, Ahmad; a move we see as a continuation of our sponsorship of Leyla.

Ahmad is eager to join Leyla in Victoria and start their new life together here. To that end, he is taking English lessons at the end of his days working as an embryologist.

Leyla dreams of Ahmad’s arrival, of their making a future here and of one day having children who will be Canadian citizens and will be assured of the peace and security their parents were once denied.

How to Help

Please help by donating the funds we need to bring Ahmad to Victoria. And please spread the word!

About the Organizers

Constituent Group Members:

Aleksa Harkness -co-chair
Anne Ehret
David Ehret – co-chair
Judy Krzesowski
Steve Galipeau