Karli Johansen - Trek to Tokyo 2020

As the member of Canada’s National Field Hockey Team, I have created this group to raise funds that help me to compete as an elite athlete for Canada. Thank you for being a part of my team's journey to the 2020 Olympic Games. I really appreciate your support!

Organizer: Karli Johansen

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

Welcome to all my fans, friends, family, and supporters, as my team and I start our journey towards 
qualifying and earning the honour of representing Canada at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Why have I made this group? Despite our climbing World Ranking and growing competitiveness and experience, in January of this year we lost approximately $300,000 of government funding. As a result, we athletes, and our coaches, have taken on the daunting task of replacing this capital through sponsorship and fundraising.

In order to maintain the Woman's Canadian National Program, athletes are currently paying to play, through levies, and these levies are likely increasing soon due to the funding cuts. As all of the players on the Women's National team are full-time Athletes, many do not have the financial capability to remain with the progam if they are required to cover these significant program costs, on top of their own cost of living. These program costs include a multitude of things, such as coach and staff salaries, faciltiy and field time, travel, and competition. We are fundraising as a group as well as individually, in an effort to offest these costs, to allow us to focus on our preparation for the 2017 PanAm Cup and the 2018 Commonwealth Games, as well as qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games.

I would not be competing for Canada without the support of so many generous people, thank you to all of the people and organizations that have helped me along the way.

How does this whole thing work? Easy; You have the ability 
to pledge money to my 'giving group' to support me and my journey to the 2020 Olympic Games. Feel free to leave me a message and keep in touch during our Trek to Tokyo! I will do my best to post information about tours and training during this journey as I know that my whole team and I will need all of your support over the next few years!  
Again, thank you so much for all of your support and generosity!  

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How to Help

Your support can come in many forms: 
1. Donate to my group. All your donations are 100% tax­receipted! (Amateur sport organizations such as Field Hockey Canada are considered charitable organizations, thus your donations will go directly towards my team while still earning you a tax receipt!)

2. Get in touch: If you are interested in any coaching, training, or shout-outs, we can work something out! 

3. Share this group with your friends, or follow me on Instagram @karli.j14
Any other creative ideas that you have, I'm all ears. 

About the Organizers

Karli Johansen
Jersey #14
Position: Defender
Special Skills: Drag Flick
Stick: Gryphon Tour Samurai
Age: 25
Birthplace: North Vancouver, Canada
Senior Caps: 81
First Int'l Appearance: Canada vs. Ireland, in Ireland, 2013.
Proudest Moment:  Winning Bronze at the 2015 Pan-American Games, on home turf in Toronto.


Highschool: Handsworth Secondary School

University: University of Iowa (Health and Human Physiology 2014, minor in Human Relations)

Instagram: @karli.jo14
Twitter: @karli.j14