KASC 2005 Lightning Girls

Want to cheer for us after the practice or game is over? Join our "Giving Group" and reward us for our efforts! Our coaches will tell you what we did well, as individuals and as a team. Sponsor us a $1 here or there & we'll put it to good use by investing in our club, or a charity we choose.

Organizer: Clay Hammett

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Kenora, ON




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The Group's Purpose

If you would like to financially reward our excellent play, this is the way we prefer you to do it! Your $1 or $10 will be put to use supporting our team, our club and a local charity we chose.

How to Help

You can support us by cheering us on, and now you can do that by donating to our team's charitable giving group.

Please check to see what we've worked on. Our coaches will post info on this page.

Also tell your friends about us! This page will be a great way to follow our accomplishments.

About the Organizers

Clay Hammett
Clint Fenelon
Darren Desjarlais