Kelowna U7 Girls LEOPARDS

We as the Leopards U7 Girls soccer team are committed to playing better soccer, & by doing so, we hope to raise money to support a cause. We work hard to learn to play better. That makes a big difference. To us, and to the world.

Organizer: Jeff Davies

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Kelowna, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Concept: play better technical soccer in practices, games, and/or at home = cash rewards for our charitable causes! More passes. Strong fundamental skills. Great attitude. Focus. The better we play the more we earn & the more we learn. This is about development, and giving to our world, through the game of soccer.

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

We invite parents to reward our team when we achieve our developmental goals. It is as easy as a clicking the mouse and giving a small reward to the team’s cause.

In addition, we also invite you to challenge your kids to set their own personal metrics, in order to foster a love for the game, build skills and increase personal pride. As a parent, one example would be to challenge your athlete to break her personal best at a skill, such as the number of consecutive toe taps (on top of a ball) completed in one go, controlled passes to a target (you, perhaps, or a wall), sucessful shots on a goal, or even for dribbling through an obstacle course of your or her design successfully :)

We encourage participation and most importantly to have fun. The ultimate goals is to have fun and keep our youth in sport.

About the Organizers

My name is Jeff Davies. I'm a father of three (Lexi, age 8, Taliya, age 6, and Kieran, age 1), a teacher at the middle school level, a husband to my lovely wife Lara, and a lover of all sports - particularly the great game of soccer!

I am intrigued by the "Play Better" program and would like to give it a try, if you are willing to help by giving a little of your time and a little donation here and there...and by doing a little sharing of this message with others (friends, family, neighbours). I hope it will prove to be a positive addition to the existing weekly practices and games in building our children's skills and enjoyment of the game. Further, I hope it will instill the desire in our kids to work on improving themselves, as well as the desire to have a positive impact on our world by earning a few dollars here and there towards a cause.

Let's have fun with this!