Kids Crave To Move

Dance Education empowers kids to succeed. Kids who get Dance Ed score higher in math and other subjects. Disadvantaged kids can benefit most. We're raising $15,000 to give 300 kids at schools under-served by the arts the chance to dance and thrive. YOU DONATE; you'll get a tax receipt.

Organizer: Tim Mah

Type Of Group: Education and Research

Location: Around Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

To enrich every child's education through the Dance Arts. To enhance social, emotional and physical development. To train Executive Functions. To teach the 'whole child'.

The Danzkool's DARE-2-Dance program is changing the conversation about dancing in school. For 2017-18, we want to raise $15,000 to give 300-kids at "schools under-served by the arts" the chance to dance, learn and thrive in school. #KidsCrave2Move

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How to Help

Make a donation - as little as $50 sponsors a child for the 10-lesson program.

Sponsor a school - talk to us about how you or your organization can make a difference for a school.

Share this page with a friends, family members and colleagues at work - https://chimp.net/groups/kids-crave-to-move/ .

Start a 'Giving Group' at work, at church, or in your social groups.

Join our Social Enterprise - Hire a "Corporate Energizer" (http://timmah.ca) for your next conference or business event and proceeds will go to sponsor a child to take the DARE-2-Dance program (http://danzkool.ca).

About the Organizers

Tim Mah is a dance educator, celebrity dance coach for TV and film, and champion of Competition-Ballroom and -Latin American Dancing. He traded a career in engineering and business to teach women and men how to 'move for success' at work and in life. Dance has the power to bring people together, build lasting relationships, and enhance communications. More info is at http://timmah.ca.

Children can greatly benefit. Learning to dance trains the Executive Functions. It focuses the mind, inspires creativity and motivates excellence. Adele Diamond, professor and Canada Research Chair in Childhood Cognitive Development at UBC, says Executive Functions are better at predicting future success in school than 'IQ'. More info is at http://danzkool.ca.

DARE-2-Dance is a bold, unique approach to enriched learning. The pedagogy was inspired by similar work being done in inner-city schools at the National Dance Institute (nationaldance.org) in New York, and the California Dance Institute (californiadanceinstitute.org) in Los Angeles County.