Summer Dance Camp For Deserving Kids

'DARE-2-Dance' teaches kids to succeed through the rigors of dance and music. Raise $5,000 and make it free for kids in "KidSafe" and the "Boys & Girls Clubs of Vancouver" this summer. Excess donations will help a school 'under-served' by the arts to host the program in-residence in September.

Organizer: Tim Mah

Type Of Group: Education and Research

Location: Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

At the Danzkool Company, we motivate kids to embrace learning through the rigours of dance and music, and train teachers and artists to make it happen. Please visit us at http://Danzkool.ca.

Our "DARE-2-Dance" program is modelled on work being done in inner-city New York schools by the National Dance Institute (NDI). Read more about NDI at this link, http://nationaldance.org.

The athletic, high-energy environment of each class appeals to boys and girls alike - it sets them up to achieve personal standards of excellence. Classes take place on school premises, during school hours. This way, all students benefit from learning in a team setting.

But, schools that could benefit greatly from sustained dance enrichment sometimes lack the resources. That's why the Danzkool Company works with the Charitable Impact Foundation and the Canadian Education Innovations Academy -registered Canadian charities- to raise funds and make it possible. Priority is given to schools in low-income or working class neighbourhoods, typically 'under-served' by arts programs.

Find out more about DARE-2-Dance at http://Danzkool.ca.
On Facebook, find us at http://Facebook.com/DanzkoolDARE.
Or, send email to 'Danzkool@Danzkool.ca'.

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3) Share the link to this page with friends, family and your favourite social internet websites. The link is http://bit.ly/2myTWyJ.

4) Start your own 'Giving Group' and raise funds for this program and other charitable causes of your choosing. Contact us, or Chimp, to inquire.

Our email is "Danzkool@Danzkool.ca".

About the Organizers

DARE-2-Dance teacher-artists are professionals who make their living in the performance arts. My name is Tim. I'm the program director. When I saw how dance brings kids together, empowers them to overcome prejudice, instills confidence, and, for some, is a bridge to reconnect with school, I knew I had to channel my inner artist to become a change-maker. I left my office job and started the Danzkool Company. Our methods have also been used to energize adult audiences: for example, at the "TED-x-Stanley Park" conference which you can watch at https://youtu.be/w-vl1sV86s0; and to teach actors how to dance for film and television -the movie "Step Up, All In" springs to mind.