Krista Guloien - Silver Linings

Athlete for good causes! It is a simple as that. I am fortunate to have had the experiences and the journey that I had and I want to give back!

Organizer: Steven Davis

Type Of Group: Other

Location: Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Welcome to all my friends new & old, family, and supporters. I've started this "giving group" because I would not be a two time Olympian without the support of so many generous people and charities. I am truly blessed and I feel lucky everyday that I get to do what I do. No medal is won without the help and support of many people. I thank everyone who has contributed to my journey. You have allowed for me to live in a dream while awake ;)

The charities that I have hand picked for the matched donation will appreciate any donation and my hope is that my Olympic journey inspires you to give. Your donation counts and will help in so many ways!

1) ALS Society of BC: This one is near and dear to my heart as my grandpa passed away from ALS. He was a very special person and I want to help those who are suffering as well as their families and care takers.

2. Project True: Non profit organization raising money to open a day treatment facility for body image and eating disorder related illness in Vancouver, BC

3. 60 Minute Kids Club: www.60minutekidsclub.com Their goal is to inspire youth to not only be physically active 60 minutes per day but to become 'leaders' in their communities by educating them on the fundamentals of what that looks like.

How does it work? Simple. Pledge money in honour of my Olympic achievements and or the gift that sport brings to our communities. As well, feel free to leave me a message here and interact with me at anytime!

Some of my upcoming goals include:
1. Helping to raise money and awareness for the 60 Minute Kids Club!
2. Help Project True reach their goal of $150,000 for a day treatment facility.

Feel free to pledge for anything, and for any amount, you wish!


Thanks everyone for your continued support. It is hard to express to you how much you all mean to me...you make it the challenging moments worth pushing through and you make my proud moments even prouder!


How to Help

Project True in partnership with Social Mod Pr will be putting on the first ever True Fashion Show and Fundraiser September 26 from 7:30-10:30 at Heritage Hall on Main Street. All of the fashions displayed are made of every woman, i.e. HelenJean dresses do not have a size on the label, but instead and intention like "strength"!

Our goal for the evening is to raise as close to $150,000 as possible, to open a day treatment facility in Vancouver. Headed by world renowned eating disorder specialist Dr. Laird Birmingham.
Our hope is to give affordable access and support to anyone suffering from disordered eating.

Out of all mental illnesses, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate; more people die of disordered eating each year than they do of cancer.

We are going to be showcasing four local fashion designers who project a healthy body image by making and selling to real women. Attendees will also be serenaded by acoustic performer, Ashley Slater and be listening to beats by DJ Chelsea J All Day.

For $30 you could help save a life!

We will also have a silent auction of locally made products, some sweet treats and a cash bar.

Purchase your Ticket here: (http://www.eventbrite.ca/event/6793221709/efblike#)

Our Official True Photographer: http://linseyhulls.com/

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