LCVI Lancer Gratitude Project for the Post-Secondary Charitable Trust Fund

Annually we spend approx. $15,000 to help students of limited means realize their post-secondary goals. This LCVI Lancer Gratitude Project ensures the legacy of our hard-working students' futures. Donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Organizer: Martha Read-Gray

Type Of Group: Education and Research

Location: Kingston, ON


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The Group's Purpose

LCVI has a post-secondary charitable trust which we use to help students realize their goals. Annually, we spend approximately $15,000 to help students pay for application fees, cover tuition and residence deposits, or to purchase necessary school supplies and assistive technology for their courses. This fund is currently drained after this year’s round of applications. Please, we need your help.

How to Help

Please give back to LCVI to secure the future of our talented graduates. All donations of $25 or more will receive a tax deductible donation receipt.

About the Organizers

Dear Lancer Alum,

As a fellow alumni and LC staff member for the last twenty years, I am reaching out to you to participate in our LCVI Lancer Gratitude Project. Since 1964, LCVI has been a constant source of education, encouragement, and inspiration for the youth in our community. Loyalist Collegiate has always emphasized enduring grit, growth and gratitude. We have embedded these three ‘Gs’ into our school motto. This explicit motto of ‘Grit, Growth, and Gratitude’ is nevermore poignant than in the reality of the changing landscape of our society, its limiting economic structure, and narrow opportunities for hard-working LCVI graduates.

Attending post-secondary school is no longer an ‘assumed’ next step for our graduates. Unlike when we were graduating, students cannot in many cases afford to attend college or university without some form of financial support. Recent changes in supportive funding models make it difficult for many students to access the post-secondary opportunities they need in order to obtain employment for a successful and independent future. As a full time Guidance counsellor, I am acutely aware of the growing number of potential post-secondary graduates who do not apply, or do not attend, and who are completely dispirited by their lack of prospects due to the financial means they have. More students than ever before plan to return to high-school for an extra year, but with reduced funding in education, the ‘extra year’ option will be limited by seats or phased out altogether to satisfy cuts. How can our talented LCVI graduates train for the future without our help?

Thank you for your time, care, and consideration of our LCVI future alumni.

Martha R. Read-Gray, LCVI '83
Student Services, Enrichment Counsellor
AAEP, AP Prep and AP Program Coordinator