Long Live the Balloons!

How long will the orange balloons in the creative wing last? Add $10 to the group and post what date you think the last balloon will touch the table. The person with the closest date (without going over) wins the money for the Charity of their choice.

Organizer: Britney Berrner

Type Of Group: Culture & Arts

Location: Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

We bought the orange balloons floating in the creative wing 18 days ago. Some could say that they’re defying gravity. The folks at Party Bazzar said that the balloons would last only a few days. These balloons are magic.

Here’s how it works:
- Come on down to the creative wing and take a look at the magical balloons.
- Add $10 to the group
- Post a comment saying the date you think the last balloon will touch the table.
- The group member with the closest guess to the date wins the money for their Charity of choice.

Fine print:
- You can’t choose the same date as someone else.
- If the balloons touch the table in the middle of the night, we will assume it dropped right in between 11:59PM and 12:00AM. So, if different people had guessed the days before and after, the true winner will be decided by a Rock, Paper, Scissors best of 5 match.
- Tampering with the balloons will result in removal from the group.