MixedTape Music Club

We pick a theme. You pick a song and donate $5. A playlist is published and everyone votes for their favorite. The winner gets fame, glory and the choice of charity for that month. Invite your friends and fellow music lovers to join.

Organizer: Chris Geoghegan

Type Of Group: Culture & Arts




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The Group's Purpose

We love sharing the music we love, a good 'ol competition, and making charity a more natural part of our lives. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Here's how it works...

1. Join the group so you can get updates
2. Every month we will pick a theme.
3. Each member then has a week to pick the perfect song and then submit it. We'll keep the submission anonymous until the end. Submit your songs here: http://bit.ly/MixedTapeSubmissions
4. Add $5 to group to confirm your entry. This should be a non-anonymous donation so we can confirm.
5. We will publish the playlist so everyone can listen.
6. Members + anyone can cast their vote for the best pick.
7. Once the voting period ends, the winner and who picked each song will be revealed.
8. We'll send the money we raised together to the winner's charity of choice.

Nice work! We've had some fun, listened to some good music, and made the world just a tiny bit better (and maybe we've even learned about a charity we'd never heard of before).

Not interested in submitting a song? No worries. Listen and vote anyways and if you like what you hear throw some money into the group to say thanks.

How to Help

JOIN: https://chimp.net/groups/mixedtape-music-club/join

SUBMIT A SONG: http://bit.ly/MixedTapeSubmissions - Submissions Closed


Vote here:


The Chris 'List: http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/MixTape+Music+Club+Chris+List/99422201
Backyard BBQ Mix: http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/MixedTape+Music+Club+May+2014+Songs+For+A+Patio+Or+Backyard+BBQ/98164337