Move With The Beat - dance competition

At Move With The Beat, we feel very strongly about bullying. We strive to promote team work, kindness and studio spirit at all of our events. From 2017, we will be donating to the Pink Shirt Day campaign to support anti-bullying efforts across Canada and encourage you to join in!

Organizer: Tim Buckley

Type Of Group: Culture & Arts




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The Group's Purpose

Help us end bullying.

At Move With The Beat, we feel very strongly about bullying. From the beginning we have promoted studio spirit, support of all competitors and kindness at our events. Be your best on stage, and always be respectful and kind to your competitors.

Bullying has the power to damage and its effects can last a lifetime.

Donations to the Pink Shirt Day campaign are distributed to various anti-bullying initiatives that directly help youth in need.

Interested in competing at a Move With The Beat competition? Visit our website for more info:

How to Help

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About the Organizers

Move With The Beat dance competitions are run by Meaghan Wegg and Tim Buckley.

Meaghan is an ex-Cirque du Soleil acrobat who has transitioned into private acrobatic coaching in Canada and Australia. The founder of MWTB, she is very passionate about kindness and respect backstage at dance competitions and makes sure to infuse our events with those messages always.

Tim Buckley is a Sports Physiotherapist with 11 years experience working exclusively with dancers, acrobats and orchestral musicians at Cirque du Soleil and The Australian Ballet. He feels very strongly about anti-bullying efforts and wants to share messages of support and strength to today's youth.