NSGSC Sea Otters

The Sea Otters are a girls soccer team from N. Van. We want to play better soccer & support "Alone People" & "Animals"...we are 7years old so the translation for adults is the relief of poverty & our local animal shelter. We work hard to play better & make a big difference. To us. To the world.

Organizer: Greg Sawers

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: North Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Concept: play better technical soccer = cash rewards for our causes. More passes. Strong fundamental skills. Great attitude. Focus. The better we play the more we earn & the more we learn. (Development not just winning).

This year we are interested in supporting other kids play soccer and using soccer to help reduce poverty in disadvantaged people.

How to Help

Make us a deal. Follow our individual and team improvements. The more you encourage good technical play the more we earn! Tell a friend.
Play better. Better play.

We are raising money through reaching our soccer goals and we are also gathering soccer gear to help other kids play. Your gear and funds are welcome.

About the Organizers

Just some coaches that believe better people make better players. And why not use sport to impact everyone...the players and the world.