NSGSC - U11 - Zodiacs - 2016/2017

We are committed to playing better soccer & by doing so hopes to raise money to support of cause. We work hard to learn to play better. That makes a big difference. To us. To the world.

Organizer: Greg Sawers

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: North Vancouver, BC


Raised Towards Goal


Fundraising Goal



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The Group's Purpose

Concept: play better technical soccer = $$$ rewards for our causes. More passes. Strong fundamental skills. Great attitude. Focus. The better we play the more we earn & the more we learn. (Development not just winning).

How to Help

We invite coaches and parents to reward our team when we reach our developmental goals in games or practice.

For example:

1) Demonstrating evasive dribbling skill in games (don't dribble into shin guards!)

2) Practicing on their own. Perhaps breaking his/her juggling record

3) 100 passes in a game

We encourage participation and most importantly to have fun. The ultimate goals is to have fun and keep our youth in sport.

About the Organizers

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