PoCo Eurorite FC U12 Girls Fusion

Our BRAVE young ladies are committed to playing soccer the right way. They have chosen an awesome local cause, The Terry Fox Foundation. The girls aim to raise money while meeting their team and individual goals.

Organizer: Paul Sather

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Port Coquitlam, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Our goal is to play soccer the right way, even if it means making mistakes and, in some cases, losing. Along the way, we hope our successes on the field lead to raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. There is not a single girl on our team whose family hasn't been touched by cancer in some way and since Terry Fox was a local athlete who grew up and went to school in our community, it seemed a logical to choose the Terry Fox Foundation as our charity. The girls are very excited to raise money while playing better. We have set some short term goals toward achieving our long term goal of playing a possession style of the "beautiful game". Our girls aim to make 100 passes per game while maintaining 60% possession. We are also striving to make 5 switch plays and take at least 10 balls out of the air every game.

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How to Help

You can help by joining our group and spreading the word. You can donate money directly or invite friends, family and relatives to join and/or donate. Let's get the word out about what a wonderful job our girls are doing on and off the field.