PoCo Eurorite FC U10 Girls Predators

We are committed to playing better soccer & by doing so hope to raise money to support BC Children's Hospital. We work hard to learn to play better. That makes a big difference. To us. To the world.

Organizer: Paul Sather

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Port Coquitlam, BC




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The Group's Purpose

We aim to play better technical soccer and raise money for BC Children's Hospital. We vow to always FOCUS and HUSTLE. To reach our long term goal of playing beautiful, skilled, composed soccer, we have set short term metrics of achieving 60 passes per game and 60% possession. We hope people will support us as we work toward our goals.

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

We invite parents, grandparents and other team fans to reward our team when we achieve our developmental goals. It is as easy as a clicking the mouse and giving a small reward to the team’s cause.

In addition, we also invite you to challenge your kids to set their own personal metrics, in order to foster a love for the game, build skills and increase personal pride. As a parent, one example would be to challenge your athlete to break her juggling metric.

We encourage participation and most importantly to have fun. The ultimate goals is to have fun and keep our youth in sport.

About the Organizers

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