We are Refucare Ottawa - a group of individuals from the Ottawa community who have come together to sponsor a Syrian family of five for resettlement in Canada.

Organizer: Refucare Ottawa

Type Of Group: International Aid and Development

Location: Ottawa, ON


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The Group's Purpose

Update: The family of five arrived safely to Canada on February 27, 2016! Thank you to all who contributed- and continue to make contributions- to support this family during their first year in Canada!


We are sponsoring a family of five to come to Canada to begin a new life.

Three years ago, a Syrian couple and their three young children fled to Jordan, like many others, to escape conflict at home. As refugees in Jordan, this family struggles to rebuild the life they left behind in Damascus.

Life for Syrian refugees in Jordan is difficult and, without access to formal work opportunities, the two young parents struggle to support their family's basic living needs, including food, shelter, and healthcare.

We identified this family through their relatives who previously came to Canada as Syrian refugees. Sponsorship for resettlement in Ottawa would mean the opportunity to reunite with family, as well as hope for a better future.

How to Help

Groups of individuals, like Refucare Ottawa, can sponsor refugees to come to Canada by pledging financial, emotional, and resettlement support for the refugee family during their transition. Our community group is committed to providing this support.

Our goal is to raise funds to support this family during their first year in Ottawa, as they build their foundation in a new country. These funds will cover costs for rent, clothing, education, food, and other living expenses. Considering the cost of living in our community, we aim to raise $40,000.

Contributions from our Refucare Ottawa members will make up a portion of the funds raised. In addition, we are counting on the generosity and help from our communities to help us reach $40,000. Any contribution will help us to support the family’s resettlement. We have partnered with St. Paul's - Eastern United Church to hold all donated funds in a trust account for the family. Should there be excess funds that are not needed to support this family they will be used to support the resettlement of another refugee family, led by either the Refucare Ottawa group or St. Paul’s Eastern - United Church.

The world has watched in horror as the Syrian people have suffered loss and trauma in the wake of humanitarian disaster.

Your contribution will have a meaningful impact; it will help to provide the chance for one family to rebuild and to look forward .

About the Organizers

Refucare Ottawa is a group of individuals who have a shared interest in helping this family of five reunite with family and establish a new life in Ottawa. Like many Canadians, we want to contribute what we can in response to the refugee crisis.

We are a diverse group, from students to retirees, with a broad range of skills and resources necessary to support the family during their transition.

Our Refucare Ottawa community includes the relatives of the Syrian family, and together, we will provide a loving and supportive environment in Ottawa.