Siyabonga Milele Education Project

Our mission is to educate, nurture and support Uganda's vulnerable children to reach their full potential. We believe that education is a pathway to a better quality of life, and every child should be able to access an education regardless of their family's situation.

Organizer: Victoria Nalugwa

Type Of Group: International Aid and Development


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The Group's Purpose

We exist to provide education primarily to Uganda's poor and needy children.

How to Help

We welcome support in form of sponsorship e.g an individual, group, corporation, church etc may choose to sponsor a child. Funds may cover tuition, scholastic material, basic medical care, food etc.

About the Organizers

The three founders are Ugandans who are passionate about helping others in need, each having received hope, compassion and a future, as children from a war-torn country. We know that it takes a village to raise a child and appreciate the fact that a little help goes a long way!