St. Mary's School Walkathon 2017-2018

Welcome to our online Walkathon donation page. Our fundraising goal is $27,800! We appreciate your support!

Our Walkathon is our annual major fundraising initiative. The funds raised at this year's Walkathon support some of the operational costs of the school including new resources for classrooms, and the P.E., French and Music department.
Kindergarten Mrs. Paquin
Gr. 1 Mrs. Cristiano
Gr. 1 Mrs. Der
Gr. 2 Mrs. Moffatt and Ms. Olesiak
Gr. 3 Mrs. Caldwell
Gr. 3 Mrs. Diewold
Gr. 4 Mr. Mogatas
Gr. 5 Mrs. Stokovac and Mrs. Ryznar
Gr. 6 Mrs. Maier
Gr. 7 Mr. Quick