The CS Otters

This year Vancouver's technology sector is getting together to raise money for the Downtown Eastside... in an epic ping-pong tournament... known as #Techpong. Unbounce is going after the trophy and needs your help to get there!

Organizer: Lou Sturm

Type Of Group: Other

Location: Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

Welcome to our fundraising page! Thanks for stopping-by. Over the coming weeks, we will be fundraising as a team, in support of our entry into #Techpong, and also Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Charities this Group Supports:

How to Help

#CLEARYOCACHE: Any time you tell a customer to clear their cache, loudly state "CLEAR YO CACHE" to the team. The last person in classic arms-aloft Johhny Cache pose Chimps - $1

#UbiquitousLanguageSwearJar: Use "editor" or "global scripts". Chimp - $1

#3Rings: If a phone hits the fourth ring everyone Chimps - $1

#NeedsSomeLove: If any ticket ends up in the Needs Some Love Bucket everyone Chimps - $1

#TeamPushUp: Members (Ahmed, Quinn, Johnny, Felix, Ryan) Chimp if they miss pushups - $1

#TweetAboutMe: Tweet something anyone says. Chimp - $2

#TurnDownForWhat: Proclaim loudly "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT" and begin playing said tune imploring everyone to dance. Chimp - $50

#TurnDownForNot: Refusal to Turn Down For What, Chimp - $5

#HipsterTax: If you be talking like a hipster, you be paying the tax. Chimp - $1

About the Organizers

#Techpong is brought to you by Chimp and Unbounce. We’re stoked to have the whole technology sector rallying behind such an awesome cause. For those who don’t know us:

Chimp lets individuals, companies and charities manage and amplify their charitable impact. An online tool, Chimp empowers people to give to and fundraise for any Canadian charity from one online account.

Unbounce empowers marketers to build, publish and A/B test their landing pages without developers.

See you all at #Techpong on October 1st!