Together The Maddie Project & Outward Bound Canada are aiming to provide access to an innovative program for adolescent girls who may be at risk for mental health concerns.

Organizer: Nicole German

Type Of Group: Health


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The Group's Purpose

Seventy percent of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence. For girls in particular, a sharp decline in mental health and confidence happens as they approach adolescence. Between the ages of nine and 13 girls become less confident and more likely to say they are feeling depressed.

To proactively address the decline in mental health and confidence of adolescent girls, the Maddie Project and Outward Bound Canada (OBC) are partnering to pilot a transformative adventure of discovery, unlike any other in Canada, for girls aged 12 to 14, called Connecting with Courage.

How to Help

As a third-generation participant in Outward Bound programs, Madeline had first-hand experience of the power of nature. Our family’s long history of participation and involvement with Outward Bound Canada (OBC) has been the impetus behind this pilot project.

Together, OBC and the Maddie Project are aiming to provide access to an innovative program for adolescent girls who may be at risk for mental health concerns.

The ‘Connecting with Courage’ program is designed specifically for girls between the ages of 12 and 14 to support them in developing their confidence and helping them find their “voice” at a critical stage of their development when they become overwhelmed with a host of cultural, social, physical, and psychological pressures.

The program model uses a strength-based curriculum to support the development of wellbeing and resilience. The uniqueness of the program comes in the fact that 
it combines activities focused on self-expression and awareness with more traditional outdoor adventure elements, and provides instructors who serve as powerful role models who lead by example in standing in their confidence and owning their unique voices.

Outward Bound Canada and the Maddie Project are working together to raise $25,000 (or more) to run the Connecting with Courage pilot program in 2018 / 2019. Together with generous donors, we can provide young girls who are struggling with the challenges of adolescence with access to an unparalleled adventure of self-discovery that will allow them to continue shining bright.

Come be a part of it! Donate and share your support.

For corporate sponsorship interest or to learn more about the program contact info@themaddieproject.ca or +1 416 816 5251.

About the Organizers

Shine bright. The Maddie Project (www.themaddieproject.ca) is a community effort in support of youth struggling with depression and other mental health related concerns. Established in memory of Madeline Grace German Coulter.

A not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization, Outward Bound Canada (www.outwardbound.ca) has challenged over 150,000 Canadians to step out of their comfort zone with its unique outdoor adventures.