The Wellmen Project

The Wellmen Project is a dude-centric endeavour; inspiring the next generation of men to be mentally well. A blend of nature therapy, wellness practices, and radical adventures that push a dude to the limit physically and spiritually — elevating the soul and inviting personal transformation.

Organizer: Shea Emry

Type Of Group: Health

Location: Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

The Wellmen Project: Raising the next generation of men to be mentally well.

Empowering men to take initiative in their own wellness by utilizing a few techniques.

Practice is prevention! : Self care practices are tools that you can use in your daily life to thrive in the face of emotion and spiritual adversity. We can use all kinds of self-care. Meditation, yoga, clean eating, juicing are all tools to use to cleanse the body and mind.

Get Sweaty! : Physical challenges command focus that requires your entire being, not just your attention. Moments of clarity are found in exhaustion. Peace of mind is earned.

Take it to the Forest! : Science tells us that the closer we are to nature, the closer we are to our most natural state. And what we can promise you is that moments of clarity are found outside. In the fresh, crisp air, everything is clearer.

The Wellmen Project is a dude-centric endeavour to support the next generation of men in becoming mentally well. It's a unique blend of nature, self-care practice and radical adventures that push you to your limit physically and spiritually - so you can elevate your soul and enhance your quality of life.

No matter the tremendous mountain you ascend. The daunting hurdle you jump. The Wide River you cross. YOUR DESTINATION IS ALWAYS A PLACE WITHIN.

How to Help

The Wellmen Project is a grass-roots initiative and needs your support to continue this evolutionary project. Please consider donating funds to help raise a generation of mentally well men, because we all know that our environment depends on it.

About the Organizers

Shea Emry, a Canadian Football League Veteran, is sharing his story about his battles with traumatic brain injury, depression, and his struggle to recover mentally and physically. The Wellmen Project is a platform for Shea to share his process of evolution and challenge a dude's conceptualization of manliness through radical adventures, the incorporation of nature therapy, and wellness practices, that all push a dude to his limits physically and spiritually — elevating his soul and inviting personal transformation. This blend between physical activities and elevated conversation allows for an environment that is safe and open, where the truth lies.