Triathlon for a Cause

Education, awareness and fundraising for two worthy causes (Red Cross and the Lipstick Project) by participation in a triathlon.

Organizer: Lia Hart

Type Of Group: Health

Location: Vancouver, BC


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The Group's Purpose

We firmly believe that through education, awareness and fundraising we can help reduce the prevalence of malaria infection, and contribute to the healing and happiness of individuals currently in hospitals and end of life care facilities.
We are privileged to live in beautiful Vancouver and have the health, ability and resources to compete in the Subaru International Triathlon on July 14, 2013. This race will require dedicated multisport training and strong internal focus. However, we hope to accomplish two goals at once: both compete in a triathlon and positively affect change by bringing awareness to the Canadian Red Cross Malaria Appeal and the Lipstick Project, two highly relevant causes. The money we raise will be sent towards our two causes via c.h.i.m.p after July 31, 2013.

How to Help

Read our blog ( http://blogs.ubc.ca/preventmalaria/) to understand the organizations we are supporting through our participation in the triathlon. Donate money through c.h.i.m.p, come to the race at Spanish Banks July 14th, and educate yourself, your friends and family about malaria and the power of healing touch.

About the Organizers

Lia and Lauren have been friends since high school, and share a love of sport, art and the outdoors. Although they have a background racing above the water in competitive rowing shells, this is their first attempt at a race that will include getting wet!