U17 South Delta United Lightning

The U17 South Delta United boys need your help! Challenge our team to hit our technical goal of 175 completed passes per game. All the rewards raised will go towards the Delta Kidsport, as chosen by the players, to give other children the opportunity to play.

Organizer: Rich Zahn

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: Delta, BC




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The Group's Purpose

We are asking you to challenge us to hit our developmental metrics, like passes.

Challenge our team to hit our passing goals, this will help us raise money for the charity of our choice!

The first metric we want to strive for is making 175 passes per game. This will lead us in our challenge to become better players and people.

How to Help

1. Choose Your Cause: Coaches choose a cause to Play Better for.

2. Choose a technical goal: This “win” is a skills improvement metric (Ex: 100 completed passes per game).

3. Invite Parents: Invite parents to reward goals achieved with a small gift to the team’s cause.

4. Take it Online: Collect rewards, encourage participation and give to charity through a Chimp “Giving Group.”

About the Organizers

My name is Rich, and I've been coaching kids in soccer for 19 years. Too many times I've seen the focus put on winning a little plastic trophy, at the detriment of player development. I believe in the growth of these kids, not only as soccer players, but as involved, engaged citizens in our communities, and aim to foster a love of soccer for life.