Victoria Refugee Sponsorship Group

We are a private sponsorship group working to help a highly vulnerable and very young refugee to resettle safely in our community.

Organizer: Robin Stevenson

Type Of Group: Social Services

Location: Victoria, BC


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The Group's Purpose

We are a group of nine Victoria, BC residents who are working to sponsor a very young and vulnerable refugee to come to Canada. This young woman is still in her teens, but has been on her own as a refugee for over two years already. She has fled persecution in her own country, and is currently living in circumstances in which she continues to be unsafe and highly vulnerable. It will be a long process-- but we look forward to welcoming her to her new home, and to supporting her and helping her find new opportunities in Canada.

Part of our commitment is to raise enough money to support her for the first year after her arrival. Thank you all so much for any help you can offer!

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria will be our Sponsorship Agreement Holder Agency (SAH)

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How to Help

Please donate! We have already sent $14,000 from our Chimp fundraising account to our sponsorship group's account with the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (out SAH) and they have submitted the application for this young refugee to come to Canada. While we all wait for the application be processed, we are working towards our total fundraising goal of $25,000. Any amount helps- it all adds up and gets us closer to our goal. And please ask your friends to help too! Share this link with your networks and support us in raising enough money to support this refugee. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

About the Organizers

We are nurses, occupational therapists, physicians, social workers, teachers, writers, parents and grandparents. If you want more information about our group and our goals, you can email me: robin@robinstevenson.com.