Violet Vipers

The Violet Vipers are a U15 Girls Soccer Team that is "Not afraid to lose...but determined to win" both on and off the soccer field. Our girls are determined and committed to play better soccer in support of their cause, www.stopabully.ca

Organizer: Andrew Karlstrom

Type Of Group: Sports

Location: North Vancouver, BC




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The Group's Purpose

Amateur sport can and should be about developing leaders in our communities, country and ultimately the world. Our purpose is to empower our young women with the skills and belief in themselves that they can indeed be difference makers. 1 in 5 Canadian teens have witnessed online bullying. 64% of kids had been bullied at school. 12% were bullied regularly (once or more a week). The Violet Vipers are committed to putting a stop to bullying, using their passion and dedication to becoming better soccer players as a catalyst for change.

How to Help

We'd like you to challenge the girls individually and as a team to beat their own performance. It's not about scoring goals, its about improving and developing as players and leaders. The girls are eager to be challenged with things like; improving their individual juggling record, exceeding their team target for number of successful passes in a game, achieving target possession stats in a game, commitment and consistency in training, etc. The Violet Vipers realize that "winning" is a Bi-PRODUCT of hard work and determination and that giving our all in everything we commit to is what really maters. We'd sincerely appreciate your support of us in our fight to stop bullying.

About the Organizers

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