WE MATTER is a national campaign for Indigenous youth - it connects much needed messages of support and resiliency to those going through hard times.

Organizer: Kelvin Redvers

Type Of Group: Social Services




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The Group's Purpose

WE MATTER was started by two First Nations siblings who grew up in the Northwest Territories of Canada, Kelvin and Tunchai Redvers.

The campaign is about gathering short video messages from people across the country communicating to Indigenous youth that no matter how hopeless or lonely life may feel, there is always a way forward. It is deeply needed as rates of suicide, addiction, and depression are high in many Indigenous communities.

How to Help

We need everyone to watch the WE MATTER videos, and to share them far and wide - wemattercampaign.org.

We also need donations - many Indigenous communities lack strong internet, and we need money to be able to deliver these videos into these communities physically. The more funds we raise, the more we can OUTREACH into hard hit communities and beyond.

About the Organizers

Kelvin Redvers is a First Nations filmmaker from the NWT. He grew up in the small town of Hay River, dealing with issues of bullying and a lack of self-esteem. He's now traveled all over Canada and the world for his filmmaking, and believes video / multi-media has an unbelievable power to communicate important messages and change lives.

Tunchai Redvers also grew up in the NWT, and is currently a Master of Social Work student. She has faced many obstacles growing up, and has channeled her struggles into her passion for helping others. She has spent much time advocating for various causes, doing volunteer work internationally and in remote First Nations communities in Canada, and has been named one of MTV and WE Day’s Top 10 Drivers of Change in Canada.