Whole Way House - Downtown Eastside Community Programs

Whole Way House is a Vancouver-based charitable society. Our vision is to reach the people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside by creating a safe and welcoming environment where we can build meaningful relationships and a community that instils worth, value and dignity.

We believe that when a person feels loved and valued, they are able to find purpose in life and be a part of something greater. We offer friendship and support to those who are often lonely, isolated, rejected and forgotten.

Our Mission is to:

1)- ReConnect with people by building meaningful relationships
2)- ReBuild a sense of community, belonging and purpose through education and training
3)- ReCenter around a meaningful and purposeful life through a three-phase, integrative clean-housing support system

As we grow our ReConnect and ReBuild phases, we offer programs like weekly Games Nights, Family Dinners, and Nutritious Smoothies. Every month we have a birthday party with cake (because you HAVE to have cake for your birthday), gifts and a personal card. The hip local stylists from Chop Shop in Gastown come by to keep us looking fresh and stylish and we hold special art days too. We also have a daily breakfast program run by the tenants who volunteer to wake up early and make the coffee and set out the bread and condiments for toast and we have a beautiful little garden for the residents to enjoy. Join us as we aim to provide positive relationships, community, support, and opportunities to feel sense of purpose through contributing and volunteering.


1- Create a Giving Group and fundraise within your network: Creating your own Giving Group fundraising page is quick and easy. Talk about why you are joining Whole Away House in raising funds for Whole Way House's Downtown Eastside Community Programs campaign and what your fundraiser is all about. You can even customize your page with a goal, photos and videos.

2- Engage your friends: Ask friends, family and co-workers to make a donation with a simple email invitation or through social media. The group comes to life as people join and begin giving, sharing and adding to the conversation.

3- Make an impact: All the money you raise in your Giving Group will be sent to Whole Way House- Downtown Eastside Community Programs and be apart of helping create a safe, welcoming, and meaningful environment.