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Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are changing how donors support charity. An increasingly popular financial structure for making donations, new DAFs are established with every passing year. But even as they come to represent a larger slice of the charity pie, DAFs continue to be, for most people, a mystery.    This post will be the first […]


Header image courtesy Forest and the Femme CHIMP has partnered up with the Walsh Foundation to give 25 British Columbia charities grants of $2,000 each. Today, we’re excited to announce the recipients. The BC Societies Act came into effect November 28, 2016, and all registered societies are required to transition their operations to bring them […]

Charity MattersHow To

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang give athletes from around the world the chance to showcase the powers of human drive, determination, and discipline. But even as they set new records for sport, many Olympic athletes have trouble finding the financial support they need. For instance, check out this story about Evan Dunfee, the Olympic […]

VANCOUVER, February 5, 2018 — The first known donation of cryptocurrency to a Canadian donor-advised fund was processed by CHIMP (Charitable + Impact), the online giving platform, in December of 2017. CHIMP processed $2.5 million worth of cryptocurrency, which capped off a record year for the growing company, administering over $127 million in charity donations […]