Welcome to the Ignite Giving campaign, we’re excited to have you onboard! This is the place to get ideas and guidance as you get your matching campaign launched and in motion.

We’ve created resources to help you set up your campaign page and create an effective social fundraising initiative that makes the most of the matching opportunity during Ignite Giving.

We’ve also highlighted a few blog posts that will give you additional information and inspiration for your campaign.

First, start by downloading our:

  • Ignite Giving Backgrounder: For more information about the Ignite Giving campaign and how it can benefit your charity.
  • Campaign Setup Guide: Once Chimp has sent you login information for your account, this guide will help you get your campaign page set up.
  • Social Fundraising Guide for Charities: This guide walks you through the process of social fundraising – from planning your campaign, to crafting your ask, to communicating with donors and supporters.

For additional inspiration, take a look at the following blog posts:

If you require further assistance with your campaign, call us anytime at 1.877.531.0580 or email hello@chimp.net. We’d be happy to help!

Kickstart Your Ignite Giving Fundraising Campaign

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